Why Ash and Smoke Damage Must Be Professionally Cleaned

The effects of having a fire in your home are devastating. Fire and water damage are the things you think of first, – but another important piece is ash and smoke damage. While some people believe that the smoke smell will eventually fade away that simply is not true. In a fire, ash and smoke damage go everywhere – the walls, the floors, the ceilings, virtually into anything and everything. Trying to mitigate this damage is a job for professionals, because the only way to clean ash and smoke damage is to be exacting and precise. And if you don’t have it professionally dealt with, the building will never be the same.

If not dealt with quickly, the ash and smoke can cause permanent discoloration, etching and corrosion. Within minutes, any plastic items or items that were close to the actual flames will begin to discolor. Within a few hours, the finish on your appliances will start to yellow. Anything made of metal may also tart to become tarnished. Within a few days, the ash and smoke damage will permanent discoloration of your walls and ceilings – in addition to any salvageable furniture or clothing. Furthermore any wooden furniture have to be either refinished or replaced, and yes, even metal will start to corrode.

As you can tell the extent of the damage from ash and smoke can be considerable. Only professional company is equipped to come in and thoroughly take care of the problem for you.