What to look for in a water damage repair service

What to look for in a water damage repair service

If the worst should happen and you find yourself the victim of a natural disaster, home emergency, or burst pipes, you need to be confident that your property is being taken care of by industry experts – a team that is dedicated to helping families when flood waters hit.

But, with so many water damage restoration companies around, how can you know who to trust, and know what should you be looking out for?

Here’s our list of the most important things to look for before you hire a flood damage restoration team:

1 – Someone who can do the whole job, start to finish

Having your home damaged by flooding creates a huge amount of work for any homeowner, from dealing with insurance companies to finding storage for your property, and making sure your family is safe.

The last thing anyone needs in a situation like that is to be dealing with three or four different companies, all working on different parts of your home and offering differing services. It’s much better to use one professional business that can help with your water damage restoration job from start to finish.

Here at Super Restoration, we can help you and your family with the complete clean-up job. From water disposal to mold removal and damage restoration, we have the tools and staff to tackle every aspect of the job, leaving you free to get your life back on track.

2 – A team that can start as soon as possible

At Super Restoration, our motto is “When Seconds MatterSM” and when it comes to flood damage, that couldn’t apply more.

As quickly as 48 hours after your home is flooded, mold can set in which can be extremely difficult to remove. That, on top of the rot and damage that can be caused to furniture and your home’s foundations by standing water, makes securing a clean-up company as quickly as possible vitally important.

When you contact Super Restoration, we’ll assign you a specialist team that will be on site as soon as possible, analysing the situation and deploying the services that you need.

3 – A service to fit jobs of any size

The unpredictable nature of natural disasters and all forms of water damage can mean that the true scale of the destruction can be hard to gauge at first, and can even continue to get worse long after the disaster has passed.

To help deal with jobs of any size, from small homes hit by burst pipes, to large complexes facing rising waters and ongoing storms, Super Restoration puts expertly trained teams and the latest technology to work.

We stock the most extensive range of water damage restoration equipment in our area, have expanded our staff rapidly over the years to be able to help with the very biggest jobs, and have systems in place to help us map the damage, analyse our options, and get to work as soon as possible on any site.