Water Damage in Commercial Buildings

Water damage in a commercial building can be particularly troublesome because it can affect more than a single occupant of the building. This is particularly true in multi-floor buildings, where water can travel from an upper story all the way to the ground floor. Multiple businesses or offices can be put out of commission until water damage is corrected, leading to loss of income and even severe hardship for the employees if they are unable to return to work for a period of time while damage is dealt with.

Causes of water damage in a multi floor commercial building can include:

  • Heavy rain and flooding
  • Burst water pipes
  • Overflowing toilets or sinks

Water from an upper floor bathroom leak, for example, can cause damage to the ceiling of the floor below. If sufficient water leakage occurs, this damage could even extend to the next floor below the leak.

Water damage is more easily dealt with if it is managed before the damage becomes severe. Leaks that begin when the commercial building is unoccupied, such as overnight or on a weekend, could become severe before anyone notices they have occurred, leading to much worse and more extensive damage. If water reaches expensive business equipment such as copiers, fax machines or computers, damage could prove to be extremely costly. In addition, if water damages vital paperwork, records or files, the company could suffer the loss of irreplaceable data.

In some cases, water damaged items can be restored so that they are once again usable. In addition to taking necessary precautions to prevent water damage in your commercial building, be sure to back up all computer records, maintain duplicate copies of paper records and, if water damage does occur, contact a water damage restoration expert to help recover your damaged items, equipment and information.

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