The Site of the Slug

You’re in your kitchen, in the middle of making dinner, when out of the corner of your eye you see something slithering across the floor. You look quickly, kind of confused to see something unexpected on your kitchen floor. You put down the pan you are holding to go over and take a closer look. The black, blobby-shaped thing is starting to take form and you realize that it is one of the biggest slugs you have ever seen. Grossed out, you find a suitable utensil to remove the creature from your house without getting too close to it. You eventually shrug it off, thinking it was a fluke.

The next day, you go into the kitchen to make your morning coffee, greeted by not one but two unwelcome houseguests – slugs. Even bigger than the night before. It’s then you realize something is wrong and you do some research. Slugs love damp, dark places, so you figure there might be water damage in your kitchen somewhere. Where there is water damage, there is usually mold, and as you already know, snails/slugs. It is not until then that you contact someone for water damage repair. While you are thinking it is too late and you need to move out of your house immediately, to get away from the slug infestation, it is really nothing that water damage restoration experts cannot fix. They can slug the slugs and make your house comfortable again.