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Super VIP Program

As a property owner or manager, you know the importance of having a disaster prevention plan of recovery for your company or commercial property. You need the right partner to ensure you have a feasible plan that enables your efforts to be successful. Super Restoration understands the importance of having a viable emergency plan that covers all areas of concern. As the area’s top emergency restoration services provider, we are your top choice as an emergency and disaster recovery partner. Our Super VIP program is the best solution available.

When it comes to planning for disasters and unforeseen events, our goal is the same as yours: minimize, or if possible, eliminate downtime, and keep your business running, no matter the emergency you face. Super Restoration is the largest emergency response and disaster recovery provider in the area. With over 30 years of reliable service in Southeastern Florida, we are prepared to address any disaster or emergency you may encounter.

We provide exclusive, priority response agreements to approved clients. The Super VIP Program is for those who undertake the risk of large-scale losses resulting from mechanical failure, stormwater intrusion, fires, flooding, and other disasters. Our Super VIP Program can provide emergency pre-storm preparedness, like:

  • sandbag installation
  • flood panel installation
  • board up services
  • other flood control and wind damage prevention services

Super Restoration is ready to assist

Super Restoration stocks all the supplies necessary to provide this service to all our Super VIP Program clients, so there is nothing you need to store. Florida is considered to be part of the hurricane belt. Super Restoration is always prepared to assist State and local decision-makers to organize and plan for the incoming threats.

The Emergency Response Program offers the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed Emergency Response
  • Priority Emergency Response
  • Pre-storm board-up and sandbagging services
  • Secured Pricing
  • Loyalty Rebate Program
  • Exclusive invitations to Educational events
  • Exclusive invitations to Client appreciation events

Our Super VIP Program Application Process

Super Restoration partners with local businesses to ensure a swift recovery after disaster strikes.


The first step is to submit your application for the Super VIP Program. Our helpful and courteous team members are always available to assist you with your application so that you can complete the form at a time most convenient for you.


The Super Restoration team reviews your application, ensuring availability of emergency resources. The best time to apply is now because approved Super VIP clients have priority access to all emergency resources. Don’t wait until a hurricane is about to hit land and everyone is scrambling for services and limited resources. Prepare now, so you don’t have to worry when you see the storm approaching.


Once approved for the Super VIP Program, Super Restoration will send your formal approval letter outlining the agreement.

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Site Visit

Your dedicated account manager will visit your property or properties and perform all the necessary pre-planning and training at that time. You will have the opportunity to ask your account manager any questions and discuss any site-specific concerns you have.


The friendly and knowledgeable technicians with Super Restoration visit your property a minimum of 4-5 times per year to provide continuing education and the latest industry news. You have the opportunity to update them on changes to your property or business plan so that Super Restoration can keep your emergency plan relevant to your evolving needs.

When seconds matter, preparedness saves you time, money, and hassle. Don’t wait until it’s too late, apply for the Super VIP Program now.

Super Restoration is now FIRST ONSITE.

On March 29, 2021, many restoration brands, including Super Restoration, Interstate, FirstOnSite, Interstate Hawaii, Restauration PremièreAction, Perfection, CATCO, and Rolyn have come together under one name to become a leading restoration company in North America.

While our name has evolved, our commitment to clients remains the same. As a unified company, we are better equipped to lead and serve with 80+ branches across the US, Canada and Puerto Rico, 2,200+ team members, and more than 70 years of combined experience.

Learn more about FIRST ONSITE.

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