Super Restoration Water Damage

Super Restoration specializes in water, mold and fire remediation. We have been in business for over 20 years and have been assisting many in the area to get their living conditions back to normal. Some of our expertise covers everything including water leakages to mold infestation. Some of the counties we cover in the area include Broward, Miami Dade and West Palm Beach.

With our highly trained staff and excellent customer service, we have been able to solve a number of problems with the assistance of fine of the art equipment. Super Restoration offers free advice to potential customers related to the harm of water leakages and other mold residue, which can occur 24 hours after the initial damage occurs. In other words, we offer free over the phone consultation to people looking for questions about conditions which can harm the welfare of their environment.

These issues are just not isolated to water leakages, but also cover fires. Super Restoration recently mitigated a water problem in a condominium. We did this by doing an immediate expectation of floor coverings and crawl spaces, where mold is known for hiding (in moist dark places). Once mold starts to grow out of control, keeping the problem under control can be a big task. This is what we know, and we make a task out of eliminating structure damage and mold, which is what, was done in the recent case of the condominium. Some of the equipment used for the mitigation was a high powered truck. Extradition equipment was then mounted onto this truck while most of the standing water was removed. This is to prevent water damage and/or mold growth.

Even though many homeowners can remove water on their own, some of the most important areas are neglected. That’s where we come in. Super Restoration provides a professionally dried surface in hard to reach places such as cracks, base boards, etc. Without our heavy duty equipment, there can be a hard time in determining how much water is left over after the initial damage. Without getting access to areas with moisture, secondary damage can arise causing the demise of valuable materials such as artwork and hardwood floors.

Other methods include boarding up windows and other areas that are vulnerable to exposure. This includes any debris and the walls. Super Restoration is a company that does a thoroughly good job using state of the art technology. People should not risk their prize possessions such as family photos and other items to water or fire damage. Water mitigation is one effective step to securing you and your loved ones.