Super Restoration: The Proper Process to Remediate Fire Damage

After you have experienced something as damaging as a fire, it is difficult to see past the destruction caused by not only the fire itself, but the smoke. Smoke can permeate into the walls and cause damage behind the walls, becoming trapped there. There is no need to worry, though, Super Restoration has mitigated these types of problems and we are fully aware of the proper protocol in these instances. No company has the same techniques, but some definitely work better than others, making sure to remove all soot and damage from the premises so you can begin rebuilding your life is important and Super Restoration can make that happen within a very quick timeframe.

At Super Restoration we will first clear any debris that is lying on the floor or in the way of cleaning the damaged areas. This will be taken off-site to make sure that no debris is left where the fire took place. After everything is cleared out, we will dry out any of the water damage caused by putting the fire out. This will also prevent mold growth in the area and make for an easier cleaning job in the process of the remediation. The last thing you need is a mold problem in your home or business.

The cleaning and deodorization process is a lengthy process that will rid the building of any lingering contaminates lingering in the walls, furniture and possibly even the HVAC system. We will start with cleaning the location by applying a wet fog to open spaces and attics. We will also temporarily install an ozone generator to rid the space of any carbon odors. This process is very sensitive and requires a professional’s touch.

Next, we will clean any furniture that was involved in the fire by vacuuming the upholstered objects and deodorizing them properly. These will be inspected to make sure there is no further damage. Hard-case furniture, such as bookshelves, will be hand cleaned and deodorized. We will polish the wood to make it look like new. If there is any damage to the item, it may require some refinishing. Lastly, if necessary, we will clean out all the components of the building HVAC to ensure that there is no lingering chemicals. We will use HEPA vacuums, and pneumatic brush systems for the ducting runs.

Now, the structural reconstruction can begin and you are one step closer to having life as you once knew it back to normal. This is a lengthy process, but a well-worth-it one to make sure that after disaster strikes, all will remain safe. As we always say, when seconds matterSM, contact Super Restoration.

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Super Restoration
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