Should You Have Renters Insurance?

Think you can’t afford renters insurance?

Think about this: there were 94,000 apartment fires in 2014. And 386,500 fires in one- and two-family homes. (Haynes, 2015). That equals 480,500 people who, like you, never expected to have a fire in their homes.

The average loss per structure fire is nearly $20,000.

Without renters insurance, anything ruined in the fire is gone. Clothes. Electronics. Books. Pictures. Heirlooms. Memories.

All you’ll have are the clothes on your back and anything you can salvage once it’s over… if the firefighters say it’s safe.

Even if the fire never reaches your apartment, some of your belongings may be damaged by smoke, water or even mold. Water damage may result from automatic sprinklers or fire hoses. Then, if they aren’t properly dried, some things could develop mold. Mold can be hard to detect. And it spreads easily.

Imagine the nightmare.

But… with renters insurance, you are covered. You have the right to choose the company you want to restore your belongings. You will be pleasantly surprised at how well most things can be restored. Even items that appear to have no hope can often be restored.

With your busy lifestyle, you need clean up to be fast and hassle-free. Available 24/7, Super Restoration will respond quickly to your disaster emergency. The restoration professionals on your team will secure the area and document each of your belongings.

Within hours, you will have full access to your entire file through a personalized web link. You will be in the know every step of the way. When all your items have been restored and your living space cleared for you to return, your Super Restoration team will return all your items… not only to your home, but even to the right place within your home.

All backed with the 100% Satisfaction Super Guarantee.

So you can rest easy, knowing you have a plan. If your neighbor starts a fire while cooking. If the apartment above you floods while the occupants are out of town for the weekend. If mold spreads through everything in your closet. It’s all covered.

Still think you can’t afford renters insurance?