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Professional Mold Inspections

Your property can harbor mold without you knowing it is there. Although there are optimal conditions for mold to grow in, it thrives in any location and climate. The best way to protect your property from mold damage is to make sure it is mold free. Super Restoration provides comprehensive mold inspections for both commercial and residential properties.

A mold inspection from Super Restoration is an excellent way to pinpoint the infected areas and confirm the extent of your mold problem. Our qualified and licensed inspectors have the training necessary to provide you with the most conclusive mold test in the Miami area. Testing for mold requires a level of expertise and training that Super Restoration requires all our service technicians go through.

If you see mold growing in your property, you know you have it. This circumstance requires removal and remediation services, not a mold inspection. It is the mold that you cannot see that is the problem. The mold that is hidden within walls and in support structures of your property is what a mold inspection will identify for you. A mold inspection from Super Restoration is the best defense against the expensive and time-consuming process of removal and restorations.

Super Restoration Services

With a mold inspection of your commercial or residential property from Super Restoration, you have a licensed service professional with in-depth knowledge of Florida. Detection and the identification of what kind of mold is present are the first steps in determining the best course of action. From there we can also take care of the mitigation and restoration process as well.

Mold can cause damage to your property along with significant health issues in anyone exposed to it. It spreads through the surfaces it’s found in, and the longer mold remains untreated, the worse its effects are. The professionals with Super Restoration will accurately identify the strains of mold growing in your residence and effectively deal with treating them. With the variety of molds that grow in any set of circumstances, having an expert to investigate and diagnosis their spread is key to removal. An expert with Super Restoration will assist in making your commercial or residential property safe and mold-free.

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