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Biohazard cleanup requires a professional team for removal, cleanup and remediation. Super Restoration is your top-rated emergency cleanup service provider for commercial and residential properties. We take care of a full array of medical, biological, chemical and natural disaster emergencies. Our highly trained technicians have the experience necessary to thoroughly clean and remediate these dangerous substances.

Super Restoration can handle your biohazard needs

Inadequately cleaned biohazards will be a source of reoccurring problems. When you have the professional team with Super Restoration handle your job, you have a trusted company that will make your facility or home safe again. Our discretion and capabilities make us the top emergency cleanup service in the area.

Sewage Backup

Backup of sewage or contaminated water is not treated in the same way as storm water. Sewage backups are considered contaminated and require a highly specialized method to prevent health concerns and long-term structural problems. Disease, mold and parasites can be avoided when you have Super Restoration clean up your exposed areas. Protect your family, friends or customers with our commercial and residential cleanup.

Methamphetamine Lab Removal and Remediation

Former methamphetamine labs fall to the responsibility of the homeowner rather than those who created it. Abandoned meth labs house chemicals, toxins, residues and poisons left behind from the creation of meth. They are also highly flammable and can ignite quickly. Super Restoration abides all federal, state and local guidelines in regard to methamphetamine lab removal and remediation. Our adherence to the laws ensures a safe and clean home to which you can return. We remove all equipment for disposal, remediate the poisons and meticulously clean the property and exposed areas.

Without professional cleaning, former meth labs cause lasting problems with people who are in contact with any aspect of the structure. We provide you with a worry-free home that is ready for occupancy when cleanup is complete.

Blood and Medical Cleaning

Bloodborne pathogens are dangerous microbes

When blood, bodily fluids, and other medical cleaning is needed, rely on Super Restoration. Dangerous microbes that can lead to significant medical problems for those who unknowing come in contact with them should be removed and all surfaces cleaned by a professional. We provide our clients with advanced blood and medical substances removal and cleaning. If cleaned improperly, you run the risk of blood-borne pathogens like Hepatitis B or C, AIDS, HIV and more.

On top of the complication that comes from this kind of cleanup, there can be intense emotions as well Our team is not only thorough, we are empathetic. We understand that there can be trauma involved. We work with respect to return your property to its previous state. You will return to a medical and blood-borne pathogen-free environment.

Crime Scene Residue Cleaning

Crime scenes are overwhelming with the incident damages and post-incident police investigation. If your property has been subject to events resulting in a crime scene, call Super Restoration. Our technicians have the training to remove anything that was left behind. No matter what was left behind, we can take care of its disposal for you. Our trained professionals will clean up and decontaminate any affected areas in your home or business — items like fingerprint powder, evidence gathering chemicals, residues from tear gas or pepper sprays.

Odor Removal and Remediation

If overpowering odors are overtaking your property, Super Restoration will help. Our process for odor removal will eliminate the smells and prevent them from returning. Strong odors caused by animals, human waste and spoiled food need to be treated professional to ensure they do not spread bacteria or disease. Our process will remove the odors causing substance, and treat the affected area, eliminating all traces. Whatever is causing to odor problem in your property, Super Restoration can take care of it.


Simply put, vandalism is a nuisance. If not removed immediately, vandalism acts as an open invitation for more vandals to take advantage. Damage to your commercial property or business can lower your company’s income as vandalism is a deterrent to customers. When your personal property and home is vandalized, it can cause lasting damage that must be handled by a professional cleanup service. Super Restoration will thoroughly remove the vandalism and restore your property. We will assist with insurance claims and work directly with your provider to coordinate payment for our services. We understand that you have a busy life and things to attend to, trust Super Restoration to alleviate the stress of having your property vandalized.

Super Restoration is your Solution

Super Restoration is the most trusted name in the area to restore biohazard affected property to a safe non-hazardous state. Our experience and training allow us to service each client in a discrete and respectable manner while maintaining all state mandated codes. We restore more than property, Super Restoration provides peace of mind, safe, inhabitable environments from a team of reliable service professionals. Call 800-516-8059 to learn more about what we can do for you.

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Super Restoration is now FIRST ONSITE.

On March 29, 2021, many restoration brands, including Super Restoration, Interstate, FirstOnSite, Interstate Hawaii, Restauration PremièreAction, Perfection, CATCO, and Rolyn have come together under one name to become a leading restoration company in North America.

While our name has evolved, our commitment to clients remains the same. As a unified company, we are better equipped to lead and serve with 80+ branches across the US, Canada and Puerto Rico, 2,200+ team members, and more than 70 years of combined experience.

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