Restoring Prints & Water Damage

Water damage is one of the worst things a homeowner could ever face, especially when it comes to your records and publications. While furniture and appliances have the small glimmer of being saved, anything dealing with paper does not have a high chance of surviving in case of emergencies.

While many of our documents are in digital form, there are still some important papers that remain in print form, like your irreplaceable pictures, contracts, maps, etc. Water may appear harmless, but when it comes to your texts, if left unattended, these items can result to rot, deterioration and eventually irreparable damage. That is why in the next articles we are going to touch base on how to potentially save your valuable paper-based items.

We are going to start with loose paper sheets and small compilations. Now what could that consist of? Well, contracts or licenses would be the most important things to come to mind, but basically anything that is not bounded. Loose paper sheets can be dried individually using the air-flow method, either through a low-powered hand blower or through a dehumidifier.

If that is not the route you want to approach you can also restore the papers in bulk using freeze drying methods. Documents which are still wet can be frozen using standard household freezers, and then thawed out at a later time. And if you want an even simple approach each sheet of paper can be laid out on top of a paper towel, a plain white one so that it will not bleed on the other papers, and dried using an air blower. Dirt and grime can be removed using clean water.

Always remember that when handling loose papers extra care needs to be used because they are at risk of tears and smudge, or any other kind of further damage.