Get the Facts on Mold! (I)

How well do you know the facts (and myths) about mold and the potential health risks it poses to you and your family? We’ve designed a multi-part quiz to help uncover what is really going on when you find mold in your home.

Fact: Keeping your basement dry will help greatly towards avoiding mold.

Fact: Mold’s negative impact on human health has been well documented time and time again over the years.

Fact: According to Dr. Harriet Ammann, of the Washington State Department of Health’s Ecology Department, “Health effects (of mold exposure) generally fall into four categories. These four categories are allergy, infection, irritation (mucous membrane and sensory), and toxicity.”

Fact: There really is no such thing as “good” mold in your home. Some molds may be less toxic than other molds, but having mold in your home is a problem that should be addressed by a mold removal expert.

Fact: The moisture from drying clothes in your basement can help mold to grow.

Fact: Porous surfaces are the best kinds of surfaces for mold to attach to and to grow on.

Fact: Prior to doing mold removal in your home, you must be sure to seal off the room to avoid further contamination in other parts of the building.

Fact: Kitchens, bathrooms, and basements are where you are most likely to find mold in your home.

Fact: Mold is caused from excess moisture in the home, not from being from keeping a messy house.

In our next post we will review some more facts about mold.