Easy Tips on Handling Wood Floor Water Damage

Water damage is never an easy thing to deal with, especially when it comes to expensive wooden floors. Well, for starters, it all depends on the amount of damage that has occurred. If the damage is minimal, it probably needs only a small repair; but if the damage is big, like a flood, you may need to replace the entire wood floor. Just keep one thing in mind – do not ignore the damage, because eventually that will require the replacement of your wood floors.

At the first sign of water damage you need to remove the entire floor and take it outside. Dry it outside below the sunlight, or you can use the fans to dry the entire floor. This process may take a while, but do not let time go to waste. While you are waiting for the floors to dry you can take this opportunity and check the sub floor. Nine times out of ten the sub floor is severely damaged, and may need to be completely replaced. Also, keep in mind that the surrounding area around the wood floors is dry, because if you let one area wet for 48 hours, the mold will begin to grow, and will only spread from there.

If you want to prevent wood floor water damage, we suggest you laminate your floor. Many people do not laminate their floors because they are scared of the price, but it is usually inexpensive and a breeze to install.