Different Types of Fire Damage Deserve Individual Treatment

After a fire it’s important to call in a professional to evaluate the damage done to your home, and also to aid you in restoring furnishings to their upmost ability and with their upmost care. There is more than one type of fire damage, each affecting items with their own specific damages, these are:

  1. Natural substance smoke residue – natural items such as: paper, wood, etc.; can be cleaned with vacuum and sponge (but are more likely to have small particles that might seep into walls of dwelling and need extraction from a professional)
  2. Protein substance smoke residue – proteins, such as: meats burn and create a greasy residue that can be uplifted through anti-greaser cleaning products
  3. Synthetic substance smoke residue – plastic or synthetic device; must be treated by a professional as chemicals released by burn could be hazardous to individual/family’s health
  4. Oil burner malfunction residue – misfiring of oil causes a “puff-back” of oil to seep through house’s heating system; must also be overlooked by a professional

Due to the intricacies of fire damage, it’s important to have an industrial hygienist on-hand to evaluate your property and what next steps are needed to return it to its prior condition.


  1. Remember not to throw anything away until the industrial hygienist is on-hand to evaluate what can be restored and what must do to soot damage must be thrown away.
  2. In the meantime, remove all wet carpets
  3. Place dehumidifiers in rooms to lower the moisture and the resulting mold that can form from soaked floors/wood areas
  4. Apply vaseline oil to any metal objects to prevent corrosion