Common Causes of Household Water Damage

Even if you work to keep your house in excellent condition, some things are beyond your control. Water damage is always a possibility. However, you can take steps to prevent water damage and avoid costly repairs.

  1. Inspect your house after severe weather. A hurricane, rain storm and snow can increase moisture in your attic and around your house. This extra moisture can slowly trigger mold growth. After inclement weather, inspect your attic and basement for standing water.
  2. Check your appliances. Even if your appliances are working properly, they may have a leak. Water that leaks from air-conditioning, dishwashers, washing machines and other appliances can slowly damage your house and increase the risk for mold.
  3. Don’t ignore high water bills. Be suspicious if your water bill is higher than normal. This can indicate a leaky faucet or leaky pipe. Have your plumbing inspected to rule out a leak.

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