Answers to Common Questions Regarding how Super Restoration can help your Home or Business

Super Restoration is the leading company in disaster restoration services currently serving. Besides the evident damage that flood or fire causes to property there are other issues with these events that must be addressed. Mold can cause illness, ruin buildings and can multiply very fast in the tropical heat. A simple pipe bursting within a wall can lead to mold if it is not treated correctly by a professional. Mold, when not controlled, will eventually destroy the structure it has inhabited. Mold can be contained if caught early enough and handled in the proper method.

After a fire has been put out and the structure has been secured, the owner of the building will need to deal with the smoke damage. Smoke leaves a lingering odor that will permeate every inch of space within the building. Without proper treatment, smoke odor may never completely leave the premises. Another thing property owners must consider when a fire occurs is the toxin level in the building. Fires can and will destroy everything without discrimination. If anything that burned during the fire released harmful toxins into the building you are facing a health hazard. Super Restoration has the ability to clean out the building and free it from these harmful toxins. This is a service you should always use regardless of the size of the fire.

Super Restoration has been serving with their emergencies for over twenty years. With several locations throughout the region, Super Restoration is available 24/7 and can handle any type of emergency. Water damage from storms or floods is no problem. Soot and odor removal from fires are handled immediately. Super Restoration even has the ability to offer its customers document restoration services for businesses that lost valuable information during one of these events.

Portable air conditioning units, upholstery cleaning equipment and emergency power is all part of the services that are offered by the company. Expertly trained technicians are available to assist emergency victims at any time of day or night.

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