A Brief History of Our Company and Services

I thought this week I take a moment to share a little bit about our business and go over just some of the aspects of our business and expertise.

Super Restoration was a small, home-based business that was started by a couple in 1986 as a cleaning service provider for carpets, upholstery, and fabrics. They run under the ever-popular philosophy that “no job is too large or small” for the amount of know-how and staff they have collected over the years. Since the start of the company’s existence they have expanded to include the cleaning and restoration services affiliated with the damage of more severe situations. This has become our passion and is the focus of our business.

As a mitigation and restoration company we provide reconstruction from damage, pack outs, and support infrared thermal imaging as well as providing portable air conditioning units to home owners and commercial owners.

We provide the service of inspecting and treating affected areas in a home or business left behind by flooding, fire, and mold damage. When mitigating mold in a particular location we first determine where the source of moisture causing the mold resides. Secondly, they use the highest rated in biocides to destroy the mold cells in an affected area and then a thorough clean-up of the surrounding area is executed. Super Restoration works to rid each affected area in a home or office building to ensure a mold-free environment for all. We follow a specific list of guidelines to achieve success in each case.

We promise to give our clients an accurate estimate as well as provide a realistic time of completion for every project. Work is initiated immediately after the proper information is collected. Then, steps are taken to control the moisture and humidity factors in the area. Surfaces surrounding the area are then sealed off to prevent further growth of the mold and other damages. We are proud to say that we take every precaution possible to ensure our customers satisfaction. So when seconds matterSM, call Super Restoration!

In your service,

Rene Vargas